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Advocates for Tougher Child Molestation Reporting Laws

Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children
We support tougher childhood molestation reporting laws. It is our obligation to step forward when institutions and organizations fail to protect our children. There is no reason why institutions and organizations trusted with the care of our children should not set clear polices to prevent the sexual abuse of children. Unfortunately too many times these entities ignore the safety of our children and instead end up protecting the pedophile.

USA Today found that a combination of infrequent enforcement and small penalties means adults often have little to fear from concealing abuse as mandatory reporting laws as they exist today have gone largely unenforced over the past decade. One law enforcement professional likens the penalty to a “minor traffic ticket”.

The sexual abuse scandals involving the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, USA Swimming, and Penn State have shown that clear policies and tougher laws are necessary to protect kids. Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children is committed to holding those that engage in covering up the actions of predators fully accountable for their actions.

Free Consultation for Molestation Victims and their Families
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