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Representing Sex Abuse and Child Molestation Victims

Child Sexual Abuse
Athlete Coaching Abuse
Boy Scouts of America
Religious Institutions
Schools and Teachers

Selecting a Childhood Sex Abuse Attorney

Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children
Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis meaning that we do not get paid unless and until you receive money, either through a settlement or a verdict after trial. We also advance all of the expenses involved in your case up front. These expenses include all court filing fees, deposition costs, and fees for expert witnesses and reports.

Child molestation cases involving sex abuse enablers such as organizations, schools, or businesses are usually hard fought and require tremendous legal resources. Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children are committed to taking your case to trial should you not receive an offer of fair compensation for your case.

Carefully screen the law firms and attorneys you contact to represent you and your child. Keeping in mind that defense attorneys will seek to delay and deny justice, you should ask the following of those you contact:

   1) How many jury trials have you had in the last three years?

   2) Are you prepared to advance costs that may well hit six figures should defense attorneys play hardball and not offer fair compensation?

   3) How many million dollar plus settlements have you achieved in the last three years?

Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children believes that defense attorneys will only offer fair settlements when an attorney has a track record of successful jury trials and the financial resources to take a case to trial.

Free Consultation for Molestation Victims and their Families
To learn what our lawyers can do for you, call us toll free at 866-433-6797 or at 408-289-1417.