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Representing Sex Abuse and Child Molestation Victims

Child Sexual Abuse
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Tips to Prevent Child Molestation

Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children
It is important, now more than ever, that we protect our children. When faced with pedophiles, kidnappers, and other people looking to take advantage, we must all be informed on how to spot potential trouble, and how to avoid it. These are some tips you and your child can use to protect yourselves:

   1. First and foremost, listen to your children. Never dismiss their thoughts and feelings, because if they feel that you will not take them seriously, then they will not trust you to protect them.

   2. Don't be fooled by the idea that all predators are strangers – in over 50% of abuse cases, the victim is familiar with the abuser. Neighbors, Friends, Authority Figures, even Family are not exempt from being a potential criminal.

   3. Teach your children that it is okay to say, or even scream, NO if they are feeling uncomfortable. Many children who have been abused describe their discomfort as having a “yucky” feeling inside – tell your children to listen to that feeling.

   4. This one is obvious, but only leave your children with people you trust. If you find that your child is reluctant or even scared to be left alone with someone they have been in the care of before, you should look in to why they have that behavior.

Teach your children these and other safety techniques to protect them from strangers and familiar people alike. Information is the key to keeping your loved ones safe. Always keep your eyes open for disturbing or suspicious behavior, and always, always follow it up.

Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children has represented children and their familes in sexual abuse lawsuits against their predator and the organization that enabled the abuse to occur. Contact us if your child has been abused.

Free Consultation for Molestation Victims and their Families
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