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Representing Sex Abuse and Child Molestation Victims

Child Sexual Abuse
Athlete Coaching Abuse
Boy Scouts of America
Religious Institutions
Schools and Teachers

Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children

Legal protection for children who have been victims of sexual abuse.
We are a group of attorneys from around the country that are committed to representing children of sexual abuse and their families. In fighting for the rights of victims of sexual abuse we understand the pain and suffering caused by this insidious crime. We work closely with families to ensure that the predators are put away and the organizations or institutions that enable them are held accountable. We cannot change what happened to your child but we can work toward creating change inside the organizations that enabled the predator so that another child is not sexually abused.

Free Consultation for Molestation Sex Abuse Victims
To learn what our lawyers can do for you, call us toll free at 866-433-6797 or at 408-289-1417.

Trust us with your child's healing
Your child has been violated. Trust is a word that is hard to swallow given what your child is going through. We understand. That is why you are more than a client and a case to us. You are the reason why we are lawyers. We live in your community. Our children attend your schools and play in your neighborhoods. We have an interest in keeping communities safe by using the law to gain civil justice for molestation victims and help in their healing. Allow us the opportunity to earn your trust by calling us for a confidential, no obligation consultation.

Attorney Robert Allard