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Representing Sex Abuse and Child Molestation Victims

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Boy Scouts Abuse

Legal represention for victims of Boy Scouts abuse.
The Boy Scouts have been in service since the early 1900's. They have kept files since soon after their founding, including memos, newspaper clippings, and handwritten letters from both childhood molestation victims and their parents.

Thanks to the molestation lawsuits filed against the Boy Scouts, many of these files have now been used as evidence in legal cases and posted for public review. As a result of the lawsuits against the Boy Scouts, more than 15,000 pages from the years 1959 to 1985 have been released implicating approximately 1,247 convicted scout leaders as child molesters, some multiple times. However the number seems small when compared to the nearly 5,000 incidences recorded from the files and published as a map in the Los Angeles Times newspaper in November of 2012.

As with all childhood molestation abuse cases, any legal action starts with the victim stepping forward. The attorneys at Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse Children understand that coming forward can be a terrifying ordeal. But we are here to protect you and keep you safe. More importantly, you can help us change the institutions that protect predators and help make our community safer for everyone.

Contact the nationally recognized childhood molestation attorneys at Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children. We represent Boy Scouts molestation victims and their families.

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