Audrie's Law Introduced
Audrie's Law introduced.
NPR on the problem of coaching sex abuse inside USA Swimming.
LASAC seeks justice against predators.

Protecting Your Child from Sexual Predators

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Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children

Providing legal protection to all children who have been victims of sexual abuse.
Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children treats victims with the compassion and respect they so richly deserve. We have seen firsthand the pain experienced by victims and the lifelong impact that sexual abuse has on survivors. As attorneys with our own young children, we understand the love that parents have for their children and the desire for justice when our kids have been violated.

Lawyers Against the Sex Abuse of Children is passionate about helping children recover and heal from the evils of sex abuse and is committed to using the law to change the institutions that failed to protect your child. In the end we make our community safer by holding child molesters along with the organizations and institutions that enable predators accountable for failing to protect our children.

Example of Litigation Leading to a Safer Community
In representing young female swimmers against USA Swimming coaching abuse, we forced their parent organization, the United States Olympic Committee to take the unprecedented step of centralizing and standardizing background checks across all Olympic sports, thereby affecting approximately one million athletes.

Using the Law to Gain Justice for Sex Abuse Victims
We represent child sex abuse victims and their families in gaining civil justice against their molester and those that enable molesters. Criminal penalties are designed to punish the predator. A civil lawsuit compensates the victim and their family for pain, suffering, and years of expected counseling to heal and recover.

Free Consultation for Molestation Sex Abuse Victims
To learn what our lawyers can do for you, call us toll free at 866-433-6797 or at 408-289-1417.

Contingency Fee. If we don't win, you don't pay.
We work on a contingency fee meaning that we get paid only if we are successful in winning a recovery, whether by settlement, jury verdict, or court award. More importantly, we advance the costs to ensure that your case is in a position to resolve for maximum and fair compensation.